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Are you doing things you wish you weren't?  Drinking or eating too much? Some other self sabotaging behaviour...

Do you want to feel in control?

Do you want more energy and be more productive with your time?


Are you procrastinating?

Do you have a list longer than your arm of things you should be doing or should have got done already?

Instead of doing those things do you go through a frustrating cycle of ‘busy work’ getting nowhere, drinking too much, watching TV or any other distraction, and then get cross and grouchy with anyone else around who would like your attention (I’m thinking kids or partner here)?


You want to feel in control, at ease, with life flowing as it should.

You want to be productive in work and be present for your family, having time for them and yourself too.

You want to feel you are moving forward, with meaning and purpose but also find peace and ease every day.

Who do I work with?

I help women who want to make a difference in the world, but are struggling to sell their ideas and their services.  They feel frozen when needing to speak up, and stand out, post on social media, or even pick up the phone to speak to potential clients.

They know they are good at what they do, they know that they have something to offer to the world, but something gets in the way.  They sabotage their success through destructive habits and behaviours - perhaps extreme procrastination or by drinking too much every evening, or unhealthy emotional eating habits.  These usually come round in a cycle of looping thoughts.

They've tried so many times to quit or stop the fixation, and may even have managed to stop for a while.  But the habit comes back in a cycle that leaves them feeling guilty, ashamed, and helpless.  This is knocking confidence, and spoiling relationships at home and even at work leaving them feeling angry with themselves. The self help books fill the shelf, reminding of failure.  Self esteem is heading to rock bottom.




What We do Together.

When you work with me, you rediscover the self-confidence and self-belief you were born with.  You reignite your passion for life, get clear, understand and live your purpose your way.  You ditch self sabotage, procrastination, depression and low self esteem.

We get to the bottom of why you have these feelings.  These feelings lead to our actions, so by changing how you feel, your habits of action will change to, by default.  During sessions with me, your perspective and understanding of whatever caused the underlying feelings is changed permanently so you cannot go back to feeling the same way.

Whatever your habit of action is; these are caused by underlying feelings and emotional needs that you may or may not be aware of.  We use the destructive habit as a crutch to bury these feelings and to feel better. The habit is not needed any more and is much more easily stopped once you feel better subconsciously about yourself and your emotional needs are being met in a healthy way.


As well as being free from your destructive habits, you will feel self confident and have much better self-esteem which will improve all aspects of your life, work, relationships, finances and general well being.

What will work for you?  (My services:)

The Three Week Plan.

If you want to resolve your issues quickly and permanently, we can dig deep with Rapid Transformational Therapy.

  • Have your issues been building up over time?

  • Do you feel that whatever you try, nothing works, and you have every self help book available on your shelves? You have watched every Youtube video there is!

  • You want to work with someone who truly understands your situation and how your mind is working?

  • You are 100% committed to change, and want it now, permanently?  

  • Do you want to feel you are in control of your life and where it is going?

After one session you will understand the root cause of your issue.

  • We deal with one issue in one session, often permanently resolving it.

  • You will feel unburdened and free to be who you truly are

  • You will feel healed emotionally, psychologically, and physical symptoms lose their impact.

  • You will regain the phenomenal confidence you were born with

  • All aspects of your life become more positive - relationships, finances, career, health and more.

  • You can give up your habit, addiction or compulsion and permanently leave it in the past.

What you get:

Pre-session questionnaire - this helps me know you and what changes you want in your life in more detail so I can tailor your session to your needs and desires.

We arrange our therapy session (which we do over video call), or over the telephone, so that we can discuss what you want out of the session and book a time that is convenient to us both.

You will receive instructions via email to join me in a Zoom video meeting for our session.  

I am also available to work face to face if we are local to each other.  We can discuss this when we speak on the phone.

The Rapid Transformational Therapy Session

The session can last up to about 90 minutes, during which we get to understand the root cause of your problem under hypnosis, and we change you subconscious beliefs around the cause, so you are able to become free of it.  You become separated from the true cause, so are freed from the issue, as habits of thought create our habits of action. I give you the new beliefs that you want, to move forward in your life.

Hypnotherapy recording

I make you a recording during our session that you must listen to for at least 21 days to truly embed those new beliefs and habits of thought into your subconscious, so that the change becomes permanent.  This is a vital part of the treatment.

Follow up and support

For 28 days I support you by regular email, a phone calls or zoom calls each week, to help you adjust to the changes you are making and to offer any further support or strategies you may find helpful, depending on your particular issue and what you want for your future.

Although everyone’s results are different, I do my best to ensure you achieve the results you desire.  I ask that you commit to listening to the audio every day and doing the inner work I suggest.   For some issues I will offer to call sooner after our session to offer extra support and accountability.

Investment: £275

The Nine Week Plan

Would you like an even bigger transformation?

Even though one session does uncover a lot, and makes wonders, I personally recommend 3 sessions.  There is often so much to discover about yourself, and we can peel back the layers of beliefs that are blocking you from success, in career, relationships, managing finances, and other areas.  You may find those blocks become more evident once the initial issue you arrived here to deal with has been resolved.

This is extraordinary transformation.  You choose the results you want.

What you get:

AS with 1 session of RTT, but 3 sessions over 9 weeks, with weekly video support calls. 


Investment: £775


How to build success with ease by resolving self sabotage quickly and permanently in 90 days or less.

You have a passion, you are on a mission, but you just keep stalling.  Instead of building a successful business that truly makes an impact, procrastination, self sabotage and self questioning keep you stuck.  Every time you have a plan, you find 20 other things to do.  You've done a hundred courses, webinars and downloads on how to's.  It's just not working.


You have a VIP half day either over Zoom,   During this we get clear on what your goal is so we can customise the program to suit you perfectly.  I also teach you how to work with your mind.

You get 3 full Rapid Transformational Therapy  sessions

We have weekly calls to ensure you move towards your goal.  These will include teaching and coaching appropriate to the issues you have been facing, as well as accountability to move towards your goals.


You get 3 bespoke hypnotherapy audios, which you commit to listening to everyday.

You get regular email and phone support.

We also get to play with creativity, whether it is painting, singing or dancing!  This helps you release emotions, release self-judgement and desire to need control in things external to you.    This can either be during our weekly sessions or as play between sessions. 

We dive deep into what you want out of life.  You get to choose who you want to be so that you feel at peace with yourself, feeling deeply fulfilled.  You flourish in your relationship with others, feeling connected and whole. 

Want to stop smoking?  Go here!


Creative Confidence VIP currently restarting in October with Covid 19 safety in mind.  

Creative Confidence VIP Day Retreat, and classes ....go Here!

Combining Fluid Art therapy and the power of Rapid Transformational Therapy to release the inner critic and regain the confidence you were born with.

Who has time for therapy?  Who wants to talk seemingly endlessly about how bad things are making you feel?  It might help, but often it leads to owning a condition for life instead of really leaving it in the past.

If you are here because you want to change, now is the time.

So you can get on with living.


RTT works remarkably quickly, often my clients only need one month's support as the reason for the crazy feelings and addictive or obsessive behaviour is understood and dealt with.


It enables you to separate yourself from past pain that caused the issue in one session.  However, more complex issues do need more sessions - up to 3- and longer support.  Everyone responds differently and no results are guaranteed.


Becky Booth does not offer medical diagnosis, or medical advice. 


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