Three Ways To Banish The Inner Critic For A More Positive Life

We all do it – put ourselves down when we make a mistake. I know I am guilty.... “You stupid ***** idiot...” “I'm so forgetful...” “I'm useless at this...” ...Until it becomes a “Why me? I hate myself!” The trouble is that our subconscious minds respond to these messages. It believes anything we tell it, and doesn't recognise sarcasm or humour. But did you know that the major causes of depression are the critical voice you use on yourself everyday, and not fulfilling your life's purpose? These two things often go hand in hand, as the more critical you are of yourself the less likely you will achieve your goals in life. It then becomes a cycle of depression, and reaffirms what the subconsciou

3 Things about the mind (part 2)

The second thing the mind does is respond to two things - the pictures you make in your head and the words you say to yourself. For example, when you are little, your mum tells you (you forgot to take PE kit to school) that you are so forgetful, always forgetting things. You take this on as truth, and say to yourself 'I will never remember that, I am so forgetful.' And then whenever you forget something, the belief is confirmed and you say it again. Your mind lets it in, and accepts it as a truth. It becomes your reality, and people that know you and love you also get to believe you are forgetful. If you change your thoughts and words, (and the difficulty with this is in part 3) to 'Look

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