Shame! WHAT IS IT? Shame is “a painful feeling of humiliation or distress caused by the consciousness of wrong or foolish behaviour” Thanks Google! Wikipaedia also goes on to explain that though usually considered an emotion, shame may also variously be considered an effect, cognition, state or condition. And it can stem from a chosen action, or just be a state of self-regard. It is a state that stems from comparison of the self with the ideals accepted socially as ‘normal’. It can come from our inner beliefs about our action but is based on views of others, and we can be made to feel shame by others. It is a learned emotion. Shame is not the same as embarrassment, but is far more intense

I Can't Sleep!

I have been thinking about sleep recently; I have got into a bad habit of staying up too late, with sewing projects and study. When I decided to start going to bed at the old time I used to, I found I was unable to fall asleep, till after midnight… This is not good, as I am often woken up around 6 by the Smalls. (Who have been asleep since 7.30 pm.) But I don’t suffer with crippling life challenging chronic insomnia. (see description of Insomnia here: ) There are many ways that can be tried to help with I decided to do some research about sleep. It seems that it is vital for our health, both physical and mental. Poor sleep is link

3 Things about the mind (part 3) (and a bit about habits.)

The mind loves what is familiar. The familiar has kept you alive so far, right? So why change? Change can seem hard and daunting, however strong your desire is to change something. A fine example many people can recognise is trying to go 'on a diet'. Familiar ways of eating are so engrained in just what we do - whether it is going out with friends to the pub for drinks followed by a takeaway, or just the day to day habits such as biccies with a cup of tea A lovely client said to me 'A cup of tea is just wet without one!" Smoking is another – there is a strong belief that giving up smoking is very hard, and that many people try and fail. Having this belief is actually what makes it so ha

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