Feeling Secure?

_____________________________________________________________________________ Feeling secure? We examined the idea that addiction is permanent in last week's blog. I suggested that it is not, and that it is a symptom of emotional needs not met. Feeling secure is a primary emotional need. What does this mean? To me it is feeling safe in my home, and out and about. It is feeling safe at work, with friends and strangers in public places. It is being able to sleep at night worry-free.There are real safety aspects, such as threat of homelessness, financial disasters, disasters out of our control - but there is help for all these, from government agency or charitable organisation as well as possi

Am I an addict forever?

Am I an addict forever? This is the question I have been mulling over for a while. I dislike being labelled, so have avoided it. If you accept a label as being who you are, how can you change? If you have a belief that you are an addict, and society tells you that you are always then an addict, how can you recover and be free of addiction? I encourage and support others who are on the recovery road from addiction on social media groups, and see this belief being installed and not questioned. It is based on a historical out of date assumption. I believe it is a lie, and keeps people trapped. What is addiction? Let’s get the basics straight. Google defines it as: the fact or condition of be

How I beat stress and overwhelm this week!

Stress and overwhelm are feelings that most of us experience at times. Some of us seem to be in a bit of a state all the time. You always know someone who goes from apparent crisis to crisis. It can cause a lot of long term bad health both physically and mentally. It used to lead me to wanting to drink a lot of wine at the weekends! That feeling that I wasn’t coping was too much. I have gladly ditched that habit. I am currently taking part in a program to help me get to grips with the online aspect of my business. With all the new knowledge, with all the extra work I am putting in to make it work for me, I certainly experienced a huge feeling of overwhelm. How was I going to get all of

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