Are you getting the right attention?

Last week I went away to Corvallis in Oregon, USA. I left my children with a temporary nanny, traveled for about 14 hours or so each way, just for a weekend retreat for business coaching. Why? Because I needed to feel connected with like minded people who I had only met online for the last 3 months. I love my kids and hiring a nanny who I didn’t really know (through an agency) cost me much more than you might think. It wasn't so much about the coaching I received, although that was awesome... So it sounded a bit mad on paper. But the reward was the sense of community and connection I felt, as we talked and listened to each other and learnt so much from each other. It was an experience I ho

Feeling out of control?

Feeling out of control? This week we are looking at another emotional need that is vital to our mental health and wellbeing- Volition. What is volition? Volition is a need to feel fulfilled and exist autonomously; to feel we direct our own lives, have free choice and feel in control. On the practical side, this means feeling valued in your job, that your opinion counts in how you perform in your day to day activities - that you have a ‘say’ in some way that is effective and listened to. Ultimately I believe it is a sense of freedom. I can think of many mundane jobs that could make me feel trapped and not free, but it is also about internal attitude and belief. I used to nurse at a small hos

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