Are you taking time out and making memories?

ca Are you taking enough time out for you? Time out helps you reboot, recharge and scan for … all that stuff that holds you back. As a single mum of four kids aged from 3 to 10, I cannot really do much work during the summer school break - unless I hand my lovelies over to someone else for days out etc. But there is a point to the break, and I believe it is family centred. We spend most of the year rushing our children to and from places of childcare, ‘learning environments’, clubs and what-not. But that is not what childhood memories are made of are they? No, the real memories are of time spend without a timetable, without an agenda, without pressure to perform, but to just be free to

How to resist the urge.

How to resist urges, and cravings. The Problem of Immediate Gratification You weren’t born with an addictive behaviour. It took your mind a lot of effort and practice to get trapped into this. Understanding how this happened can help overcome this behaviour. A trigger leads to a thought or a craving (such as “I want to have a drink”). Once we go with the craving, which has built into an urge, we feel temporarily better, or normal for a short while. This temporary relief or pleasure reinforces the pattern and strengthens the habit. The problem with this immediate gratification is that it seems to the mind to be more desirable than healthier delayed rewards. And each time it is repeated it

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