Do you have balance? What about your emotional needs? What are they, why are they important?

Balance and Emotional Needs What are they and why are they important? When I talk about balance, you might be thinking Work/Life balance, or think of the wheel of life segmented into different sections – which is what I am thinking of. Of course we all have unique ideas of what is most important in our lives such as family, money, career advancement, romantic relationship etc. But what you think in theory may not be matching your circumstances right now if you are struggling with drinking too much, or some other addictive behaviour. It is worth taking 20 minutes to draw up the ideal you want, and to mark out of 10 where each section stands today as this helps you know what you want to focus

Motivation - getting it, keeping it

What Normally happens? This can be applied to many things... You start off feeling excited, determined. It drops off – either you have done really well worked really hard, put a lot of effort into making the big change, For some reason you feel you need more of an external reward , and you aren't getting it from others any more, there is a sense of lack, . You can't keep up with doing something that feels like hard effort forever. You feel depleted. It's mentally exhausting. You may feel angry and discouraged. Or: You may start of with these amazing intentions but something happens that is hard for you to deal with, it makes you react from your feelings of helplessness – It can be something

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