Got the Mid-January Blues?

It is dark, cold, and damp. The social media has been buzzing with new year new you messages, how to set your goals, how to up your business, how to lose weight, be a vegan, improve your fitness, BE A BETTER PERSON. So much pressure. And then we listen to the news, and the world sounds like it is falling apart. What the heck! Didn’t we do all that last year? So I’d like to take a leaf out of Morrissey’s book, so to speak, with his song “Spent the day In Bed” which you can watch here: And I see my cats stretched out or curled up around the house, and wish that I was a cat. However, I’m not a cat, even in my fluffy onesie, and I know I can choos

New Beginnings, Same me! Who I serve. Low pressure life.

The new year always brings us into questioning how we are doing and what would we like to change. I know no one who is perfectly happy with who they are, but this is not a bad thing…. There is so much pressure to think there is something wrong or negative about us that we see we need to change. Life is about growth and learning. If it was about being the same, being perfect, (if we were) what would be the point? Thanks to a wonderful lady I met last May when I went to Corvallis, I have learnt to question my feelings when the words ‘should’, ‘ought’ or ‘must’ pop into my head. I question the validity of those words in the situation... I am learning to let go of false beliefs about how life

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