Are you a black and white thinker?

I’m ill with a horrible chest bug, feeling flat, even being negative! Being a self depreciating, not good enough fraud. It’s all rubbish, of course. You know the familiar pattern of beating ourselves up for not being perfect, not reaching our own expectations, or reaching our own goals quickly enough. Then there is the ‘ill’ combined with not enough sleep, paralyzing logical thought. Trapped in fearing the worst and having no control of life. And I lost it with the kids… quietly (headache remember?) But they wouldn’t let me be! In BED. They wanted me to join them, with the cardboard box den they were building in the sitting room., they wanted me to watch Star Treck 1972 cartoon with them

The need to be able to forgive...

Forgiveness and understanding A lot is said about forgiveness, especially in religious settings, but why is it so important? If you are not religious you may think it is ok to carry on resenting and even hating people that do not meet your expectations, or have different moral or ethical stances to yourself; people that have wronged you. Also there is the issue of forgiving yourself for past mistakes, or for continuing to make the same mistakes… I write this as an observer and someone with many flaws. Grudges, resentment and disappointment are well known to me. They give me a sick feeling in my stomach, and I feel anxiety just thinking about it. What is so great about forgiveness? There

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