Do you struggle to ask for help, and try and do everything yourself?

I used to beat myself up for not getting things done within a time frame I set for myself. I would get so frustrated that I would give up on a project. I would use such negative words about myself, and this would always sabotage my plans and intentions. I have started projects and given up on them, started groups and not kept present, started businesses and after fabulous start ups, the ups and downs that naturally occur were incredibly challenging to my perceived expectation of what success should look like. The things I believed would always prove true - that I couldn’t gain the success I wanted, that I would always be average or even at the bottom. Beliefs such as these are self-perp

Do you fear speaking up?

I used to be outgoing, and outspoken as a little girl. Quite bossy, no filter. I was sent to boarding school (age 10) and felt deeply disconnected and alone from everyone. I was desperate to fit in, but didn’t know how to. Then there was the English teacher who I feared. I always felt she picked on me. I always felt scared of her. I loved reading and was perfectly capable of understanding and doing the work. But I never got any praise. Children need praise! They deeply need to know they are good enough. The worst thing was reciting poetry. We were made to stand in turn and recite the poem we had been set for the week. The fear and alarm I felt as it became nearer and nearer to my turn

Changes, and one word I strongly dislike.

This has been a long time coming. Let’s give you some background… I left boarding school to go to Art College. I was a grade A student at drawing, painting, woodcarving and understood the basic western history of art, from pre-renaissance through to cubism and beyond. We had been set some pre-class homework. It was about observing different light and colours at different times of day. I worked hard and produced a piece full of little squares with different shades of the sky and a roofline. I felt my piece was ok. However, the fine art tutor did not. In front of the whole class, he said I had not followed the instructions, that it should have been different, and it was no good. I was d

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