Overwhelm - "Could do better"

Shame and self-judgement led to overwhelm. We work so hard, trying to achieve something, perhaps more money, better relationships, being the best parent, meeting your kids needs, friends needs, creating a happy clean lovely home, being the best at what you do, being a good neighbour, being a good friend to everyone, and the list goes on… At some point we get sick. We pick up the bugs the children have, or we develop migraines, feel exhausted, and start looking at the future, when perhaps we don’t have to do the school run anymore, or we feel more loved by friends and family, or we have a wonderful loving romantic relationship, and don’t feel we have to chase these things anymore. I had a re

Lack vs Abundance

(Do you complain about lacking, cost, and not having things, or do you celebrate all that you have?) Since I left school and had to fend for myself as an ‘adult’ I struggled with money. I always spent everything just scraping through til the next payday. I never really learnt how to save even though my parents were cautious with money and so in a way I should have been able to be sensible like them…. But I was a bit of a rebel, so perhaps it was my rebellious part thinking that was boring, and there were so many things I thought I wanted, or felt I deserved. But under it all was a sense that I was lacking something. And buying stuff or putting big things like holidays on a credit card

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