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You are feeling stressed out, and unable to cope.  This is affecting your performance at work and relationships, as you feel out of control with destructive habits.


Perhaps you cannot stop drinking the whole damn bottle in the evening, or totally blow your credit card on stuff you really don’t need; or you eat all the snacks in the house, and you are ashamed and have to hide it from your family.  Perhaps you feel driven to take drugs, or to gamble. 


What ever your destructive compulsion is, it is ruled by feelings you can’t shake.  In fact it seems to be getting worse over time.


I’ve been there too, and found a way to break the cycle quickly and permanently.


I’m Becky Booth,and I help busy people break free from habits and anxiety using Rapid Transformational Therapy. I free them from the sabotaging feelings and behaviours, resolving the underlying cause quickly and permanently so they feel more confident, and in control.


I always felt I wasn’t good enough

Like you I had dreams of being successful.  I am artistic, loved nothing better than drawing and painting; I was encouraged to pursue this when I left school, but along came the self doubt, I started to compare myself to others, and never felt good enough...  I actually went ‘off the rails’ at art college, partying, drinking, experimenting drugs, brief sexual relationships, and I only barely completed my course.


Eventually I followed a career as a nurse.  I went back to evening school to get more A levels, and was accepted into Southampton University.  I qualified and specialised in elderly care. I was promoted to deputy matron, but again, never felt good enough or deserving of the promotion.  Even though I appeared successful, every opportunity was spent drinking or partying- goodness knows how anyone didn’t notice the smell of booze the next day, or comment, but I was practiced at hiding it by then.


I actually hadn’t admitted to myself I had a problem at that stage.

During those years I had struggled to feel connection with other people.  I struggled to feel any kind of success in my jobs or relationships, I was addicted to alcohol, binge eating, smoking and anything else that could mask the emptiness and pain inside.   I desperately tried to ‘fit in’ with groups of people. My personal relationships had always been messy, or inappropriate as I yearned for intimate connection and a desperate deep need to feel loved. But rejection became the most common feeling.  And beneath it all I didn’t really feel lovable, or deserving, so always fell for the wrong guy or into the wrong crowd!


I did marry, and thought that love could conquer all, but right from the start there was a problem; I ignored it and thought we had the strength to overcome anything with rebellious determination.   We both had issues, that we didn’t address or really recognise. We were in the mindset that it was circumstances, someone else’s fault when things went wrong, that we were somehow victims.

Was this ‘it’?

I left nursing after ‘burn-out’, and I dabbled in running my own business but that didn't work out - so I had my family and became a Stay-at-home-mum, homeschooling my kids.  But my marriage broke down and this was the time I started to question why I was in this mess. Surely this wasn't going to be 'it'....


I started seeking self-help books, online courses and blogs when I started to understand that something had to change.  I had some counseling for a couple of months, which was nice but didn't ultimately change my internal feelings.   I tried anti-depressants but knew that pills weren't the answer. I did struggle with investing in real help as I thought I was being selfish if I pursued self-help. This was partly due to my religious background beliefs and again the feeling I didn’t deserve it.  Eventually (after the divorce and trying to cope with small children alone) I understood that it was not selfish - I had to look after myself before I could look after others effectively.


And fortunately I discovered a new method* that quickly, deeply and permanently resolves all sorts of issues, from depression to autoimmune diseases!

Quick, lasting freedom from self-destruction

By practicing the method, and swapping practice sessions with other graduates, I was able to discover and deeply understand what was driving my feelings and self-destructive habits.  The core beliefs had been made at a very early age - I was adopted. Being relinquished by my birth mother at less than 10 days old I experienced my first significant trauma of rejection.  Other events in my early years just confirmed to my subconscious belief that there was something different about me, that I wasn’t good enough somehow, or even deserving of love and attention.   These beliefs were very deeply rooted, but now that I have addressed them I have been able to leave them behind. I now do not have any urge or compulsion to numb myself with alcohol or any other avoidance technique.  And if it even crosses my mind, I am so aware of what is causing it that I can actively make a change to how I am feeling. And it is not hard work.


 Several months later, here I am with a head full of confidence, a heart full of love, and enormous gratitude for life, and a chance to help people change their lives for the better.


Today I am still in awe of the transformation I see in clients.

The power of the method I have learnt from Marisa Peer* is phenomenal, I am in awe at some of my client’s transformations.  It moves me so much to truly be effective at helping others and gives me a huge sense of purpose. I have helped many people release their habits.  With surprise after a session, they will say things like ‘I really didn’t want that drink I was offered - I had absolutely no desire!’. I feel like doing a ‘happy dance’ every time.  

I hope you too grab the chance to change your life. :) xx


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* Rapid Transformational Therapy is created by world renowned therapist, author and speaker, Marisa Peer.

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