3 Things About The Mind (part1)

Your mind does what it thinks you want it to do, and what it absolutely believes is in your very best interest. Because your mind is there to protect you from pain, if you want to do something that your mind links to pain, for example speaking in public, it will find any way to stop you from doing that. It will create feelings of anxiety and panic, even give you an upset stomach to help you avoid a situation. Even if you consciously really feel you want to do it, the subconscious will sabotage it in any way it possibly can.

How can I overcome this, if it is so hardwired to stop me from achieving my goal? One way is to keep telling yourself that you love doing it, that you choose to do it, also that you are excited to do it. Feelings of anxiety and of excitement are almost identical and by repetition you can fool your mind into believing what you tell it. These positive affirmations will change the way your mind reacts to whatever you choose, from phobias to weight loss.

What has this got to do with Rapid Transformational Therapy? RTT eliminates the association of pain by looking and exploring the sources or imprints that have caused the mind to link pain in the first place. By exploring the scenes from a different perspective, the meaning is changed and the issue is let go of.

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