3 Things about the mind (part 2)

The second thing the mind does is respond to two things - the pictures you make in your head

and the words you say to yourself. For example, when you are little, your mum tells you (you forgot to take PE kit to school) that you are so forgetful, always forgetting things. You take this on as truth, and say to yourself 'I will never remember that, I am so forgetful.' And then whenever you forget something, the belief is confirmed and you say it again. Your mind lets it in, and accepts it as a truth. It becomes your reality, and people that know you and love you also get to believe you are forgetful. If you change your thoughts and words, (and the difficulty with this is in part 3) to 'Look how much I can remember' and you view all the things you did remember (yes, you have your pants on, you brushed your hair, you found your bag, you remembered to feed the cat... etc) you start telling yourself 'I have a great memory, I can remember amazing things, what I had for breakfast, what colour underwear I have on, without looking! ' and soon your mind can start to believe you have a perfect recall of anything you want to. Since all memories are stored in the subconscious, your subconscious can retrieve anything it wants, (see part 1 about what it wants and does).

To show you that your mind only responds to the pictures and words you tell it, lets just play this game:

Imagine in your hand half a beautiful ripe juicy lemon, the most fragrant Sicilian lemon you have ever seen. You bring the lemon up to your nose and you breath in the sharp citrus tang, you push it into your mouth and take a huge great bite of that sour lemon, and start to chew, juice is going every where, down your chin.

I am salivating while just writing this. How about you. My eyes almost want to water because of the sourness. But these are just words, and the imagination working. Our minds respond physically to the words and pictures we use in our heads. I don't know why they don't teach kids this at school. So if you feel depressed, or anxious, or not good enough, watch what you are telling yourself. Critical self talk is so damaging to the psyche. Start a habit of praising every morning, every time you look at yourself in the mirror. The more it becomes a habit the sooner your mind will let it in as truth and your sense of self-worth and self-esteem will improve.

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