Menacing Menopause

As I am approaching the end of my 40's, I am aware of trouble stirring with my hormones. Some days I wish I could swap places with the cat, and sleep in

a sunny place all day, while other days I feel like I'm a teenager again, and other days I wish it was legal to sell the children on ebay.... (oh no, that's normal motherhood)...

Uh Oh! I am rapidly reaching the.....

Menacing Menopause!

Approximately fifty percent of the population will experience this or are already experiencing the effects of hormone level changes as a mature woman. But it isn't much of a conversation hit... puberty was a shock to the system, but being in school, all the other girls are going through the same and if you were lucky there were significant adults to support you!

During the first stage, (perimenopause) oestrogen actually increases, but swings up and down, so there is a dominance of eostrogen in relation with progesterone. This is where the chaos starts.... Changing levels of eostrogen affect the hypothalamus which controls the core temperature, so is linked to the hot flushes many women experience. It also affects the thyroid, causing tiredness and weight increase due to insulin resistance. According to some there are actually over 30 different symptoms associated with menopause all because of changes in our reproductive hormones.

Anxiety is one, but anxiety and stress cause release of another hormone that affects every system in the body – cortisol, known as the 'fight or flight' hormone. The complicated bit in all this is that the other menopausal symptoms can trigger underlying stress and anxiety, and the stress and anxiety can worsen all the menopausal symptoms. Are you following me with this? Can you see how this becomes a vicious cycle?

So what is to be done?

There seem to be three habits that need to be incorporated into a woman's life at this stage if they have been winging it up until now! Maybe it is the body giving us a wake-up call to get these habits in order, so that we can really live our mature lives to the fullest.

Eat properly, on time, and fresh non-processed foods.

Exercise and be more physically active for 30 minutes every day.

Adopt a stress reduction technique and do it regularly.

By doing these things we can help our body move into the next stage of our lives with more ease.

The other things that seem like a good idea are to educate oneself about the stages of menopause and the phases of perimenopause; and educate oneself on all the various treatments and remedies that are available to treat any symptoms.

I think it is important to remember that it is a natural process of the body, and if the body is working as it should it will be a smooth transition. However, so much life has happened already that there are often issues that will disrupt this process.

My angle on all this is that I know that I can help resolve underlying issues such as anxiety and sleeplessness. Beliefs about ageing and menopause can be reviewed and reframed to more helpful ones. And with Cell Command Therapy, and other tools that I use in Rapid Transformational Therapy, the body can be realigned with the mind, and be commanded back into the correct balance. Even the Healing Vortex hypnotherapy audio would be of great use in this.

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