Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Is Positive ‘thinking’ just a load of BXXX?

This is a time of year when we start feeling hope - that life will get better, that things will get easier. The days are longer and the weather should start to be warmer with a little more sunshine. It has been an awfully long Winter here at Chateau Booth! Being in the highest village in Dorset does provide us with a good amount of breezy freezy stuff.

With hope, we start being more positive about whatever has been concerning us, the difficulties we have. As I keep reminding my clients, whatever you focus on will become your reality, your experience. So when you stay feeling negative, and speak to yourself negatively, your subconscious will look out for things that are happening around you that confirm this. If you speak positively to yourself and others, and focus on the good things in your life, your mind will pick up on this, and alert you to more positive things.

If you don’t believe me, try it. Spend a day looking at all the negative things in your life, write them down. Then see what kind of day you had at the end of it… Next day focus on all the good things in your life, write them all down. Now see what a good day you have! I promise you there will be a difference, though I really don’t want to do the first exercise myself… I have in the past had extremely negative feelings about life and know that if I focus on it, I can begin to feel stuck in that vibe.

By consciously making the effort, over and over again you can make being positive a normal and familiar way of life. But when you are experiencing deep depression it does feel like there is no way out. I know. But if you are reading this and want to change, then with small steps, you can.

I have learnt that when there is something you have to do that is really hard, the best thing to do is to start doing it first thing in the morning. This is one of those ‘secret to success tips’. I used to find making phone calls difficult, and would feel quite stressed about them. But the more I do them, first thing in the morning, the more satisfaction I gain from making them. The rest of the day goes better just because I have achieved something that I used to hate doing!

NEW! ‘Quick-Boost Your Confidence and Change Your Habits’

I often hear that Rapid Transformational Therapy is too expensive. I understand, it is not inexpensive compared to regular hypnotherapy. Because it is life changing.

So I have created a program that is slightly more affordable for those who are not sure …

If you react emotionally to many situations that leave you with irresistible cravings for wine, chocolate, spending sprees or whatever your thing, this might be just what you are looking for.

It gives you the tools to overcome the habits of thought that rule your habits of action. I also teach you how to use self-hypnosis, and give you a short hypnotherapy session. The result you get from this program is a massive boost in self confidence, and you start to change your habits easily with much less conscious effort.

After the ‘Quick-boost your confidence, change your habits’ program, you will have:

  • Easy tools and new skills that you will use straight away, to change your thoughts, feelings and habits, including self-hypnosis.

  • You will feel more calm, and in control.

  • You change and discover a new inner confidence and super coping skills.

  • You will stop the repetitive cycle of thought that leads to the habitual behaviour.

  • You will start to like yourself more!

  • You find you have more energy and enthusiasm for life.

You can reclaim control over your life and regain the inner confidence and self-esteem you were born with.

For a trial period, it is only £65. But you will have to be quick as it will be returning to £99 by the end of April.

Hop on the phone to me to book your session, or send me an email, or book straight through my website (which I have been busy updating!).

Pop over to www.becky-booth.com to find out more about what I do and what this program can do for you.

I still have slots available from April 16th.

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