How I beat stress and overwhelm this week!

Stress and overwhelm are feelings that most of us experience at times. Some of us seem to be in a bit of a state all the time. You always know someone who goes from apparent crisis to crisis. It can cause a lot of long term bad health both physically and mentally. It used to lead me to wanting to drink a lot of wine at the weekends! That feeling that I wasn’t coping was too much. I have gladly ditched that habit.

I am currently taking part in a program to help me get to grips with the online aspect of my business. With all the new knowledge, with all the extra work I am putting in to make it work for me, I certainly experienced a huge feeling of overwhelm. How was I going to get all of this done, with group calls, homework, rewriting pages of my website, creating new offers,... as well as supporting my clients, and with the Easter holiday, so all the children needing attention as well! Sounds like quite a list. But I was reminded last week that it is a matter of perspective.

I should know this as I help people change perspectives in their sessions with me.

But I sort of forgot for a bit. Felt a bit stressed. But the reminder was in a form of a question. What if I didn’t get it all done, and maybe didn’t do a perfect job of cleaning the house? What if I just gave the children sandwiches and soup one day instead of cooking? What if I didn’t finish writing that thing this week? Who is telling me I should? I kind of want everything done, perfectly, yesterday. But that is a bit crazy. The point of our lives is not to ‘get everything done’!

So what did I do?

Booked a night away with the children, by the sea. Explored a castle and visited the local zoo the next day before returning.

No, it wasn’t relaxing, with four children in the car for over 2 hours each way but it was fun. The drive along the coast road was stunningly beautiful. The sun shined. Our hosts were charming, welcoming and happy to have us invading their home.

We came home tired, happy, with fond memories, and looking forward to our next adventure.

Did it get anything more done? No. But the old saying ‘A change is as good as a rest’ certainly rings true for me.

Am I still stressed about the seemingly endless list of things I want to do? No. They will get done in due time. What if it doesn’t all get done? So what? Who is judging? Only me. My family, experiencing good times now, and our mental health are the most important things.

Next week I shall be writing a bit more about this stress stuff, and offering you a new free gift! Have a great week, enjoying the little things in life! :)

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