Feeling Secure?


Feeling secure?

We examined the idea that addiction is permanent in last week's blog. I suggested that it is not, and that it is a symptom of emotional needs not met. Feeling secure is a primary emotional need.

What does this mean?

To me it is feeling safe in my home, and out and about. It is feeling safe at work, with friends and strangers in public places. It is being able to sleep at night worry-free.There are real safety aspects, such as threat of homelessness, financial disasters, disasters out of our control - but there is help for all these, from government agency or charitable organisation as well as possible friends and family.

So the physical aspect of safety is easy to deal with - it is the emotional need that sometimes needs more help.Our mind’s job is to keep us safe and alive. So feelings of anxiety, unexplained panic attacks, fears and phobias are the way our mind communicates that there is a safety issue that we need to act on. If we don’t, they become more extreme, with issues such as PTSD.

I have discovered through helping clients with Rapid Transformational Therapy, that the root cause of these issues develops during childhood. I was helping a client who was suffering with anxiety and panic attacks - and once she understood that she hadn’t felt safe as a child (her mother’s partner was bipolar and unpredictable with bizarre behaviour, and her mother was not tuned in to her daughter’s needs during different incidences), she never had the issues again! Once the understanding is there we can be separated from the imprint, and leave it behind.

(Now I know that with PTSD that sounds a little simplistic - after all there is usually a traumatic event in older life that sets it off. But not everyone who has traumatic events suffers from PTSD. It is how our mind understands the situation and adds life experiences and imprints that have occurred previously.)

In summary

Feeling safe is essential for us to be happy, to cope in a healthy way, in our lives. Being aware of the cause of our feelings - are they real, or past memories of issues- helps us manage our thoughts and feelings. Left un-managed it can cause real problems with our mental and physical well-being. If you are troubled with exaggerated anxiety or related issues that do not relate properly to a present cause, I can help you resolve this.

Why not book a free consultation to find out a little more, and see if you would like to work with me?Here is the link to book a free call:- https://beckyboothappointments.as.me/


Who I am and What I offer

If you are struggling to change your thoughts and feelings, you may wish to talk to me about Rapid Transformational Therapy which addresses the subconscious stories and beliefs and enables you to take on a new perspective more easily.

I help busy professionals who feel out of control with habits they can't break and feelings they can't shake.

They are stressed out over work and relationships that are being wrecked by their drinking, spending and other destructive habits.

I free them from the self-sabotaging feelings and behaviours, resolving the underlying cause quickly and permanently and give them renewed confidence and feeling in control.

Like you I had dreams of being successful. I am artistic and this was encouraged when I was at school. I dreamed of having my own studio, married to a gorgeous husband, with kids and pets and all that stuff, in a house in the country. It seems a long time ago that I had those dreams. I left the dream of being an artist behind and studied nursing, and made a career of looking after the elderly.

But for years I struggled to feel connection with other people. I struggled to achieve any kind of success in my jobs or relationships, I was addicted to alcohol, binge eating, smoking and anything else that could mask the emptiness and pain inside.

I started seeking help in different ways, and had to leave behind a belief that it was selfish to spend time working on myself!

.... And fortunately I discovered Marisa Peer, world renowned therapist, was training others to do what she does. So I trained, received an astonishing 98% in my exam and here I am with a head full of confidence, a heart full of love, an enormous gratitude for life, and a chance to help people change their lives for the better.

Today I free people of their addictions and anxieties, and help them find the inner confidence they lost on their journey through life. Over a very short space of time I witness amazing transformation in others and love having such purpose in my life.

My first ever client was like me, alone with several children, after a problematic relationship had ended. Lisa was suffering increasing panic attacks and unable to sleep in her own bed. After just one session, all that was gone, she slept in her bed, and even stopped biting her nails. The true cause of her anxiety was not the abusive relationship, but went right back to childhood when she had not felt protected by the significant adults in her life.

Another more recent client came to me because she couldn’t stop drinking, and had been struggling for 5 years, and was trying to hide it from her family. With the understanding of the cause during hypnosis, Jane was able to stop. We discovered that she had felt very helpless during several incidents in her childhood, and had unconsciously transferred the belief of being helpless into her adult life Once she was separated from the child perspective she was able to take back her adult power. She kept listening to the recording I made her, and over the next 3 weeks she began to feel much better about herself, much more confident, and was able to get a better job, and more importantly felt she could share her struggle with her family - the shame had finally gone, and Jane was able to get the support she needed.

This transformation could be yours!

I hope you too grab the chance to change your life.

You can book a free consultation with me here:- https://beckyboothappointments.as.me/

I am here to support you!

Becky Booth :)


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