Are you getting the right attention?

Last week I went away to Corvallis in Oregon, USA. I left my children with a temporary nanny, traveled for about 14 hours or so each way, just for a weekend retreat for business coaching.


Because I needed to feel connected with like minded people who I had only met online for the last 3 months. I love my kids and hiring a nanny who I didn’t really know (through an agency) cost me much more than you might think. It wasn't so much about the coaching I received, although that was awesome...

So it sounded a bit mad on paper. But the reward was the sense of community and connection I felt, as we talked and listened to each other and learnt so much from each other. It was an experience I hope to never forget, as it enriched my life in an unquantifiable way. I met the most amazing inspiring like-minded women, and I hope that the after-effect will remain, in my energy and enthusiasm to help others who suffer from lack in this area.

Do you have satisfying conversation with friends and neighbours everyday? Do you spend time listening to others so they feel valued? Do you feel you belong in a community?

Continuing on the theme of essential emotional needs that keep us healthy, we look at our need to receive and give attention that is meaningful. I don’t know how we can measure the richness of our lives when we feel fulfilled, but we can certainly witness the emotional damage of lack when these needs are not met - depression, addiction, poverty of health, anxiety to name just a few.

So I can suggest a bunch of things that you can do to enrich your life, but ultimately you have to believe that these things are available to you, and that you matter enough to embrace a change in your life. You have to follow your instinct on doing things that you enjoy, that are meaningful to you. I know one thing - serving others without expectation of a return is one thing that can provide untold reward in this area of our emotional lives, but always nurture yourself too. If you are already a giver or people pleaser, and don't receive back, you need to look at creating balance.

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