Sense of achievement, sense of status, sense of meaning - do you have these? Do you need them? What

This is the last piece I shall write on our emotional needs, this time around. These three needs of feeling a sense of achievement, status and meaning are very much related. But I do worry that our culture gives us a false expectation that we must be seen as achievers or our value as a person is questioned. This feeling that we need to achieve some kind of greatness can lead to all sorts of problems of low self-worth leading to anxiety and addiction.

What if we are good enough just as we are?

Our sense of status equally can be challenged by society if we are not financially appearing to be successful. But that is so narrow minded if you look at the value you have if you are a mother, or a caregiver - the value you have cannot be measured in money. What about the value of simply being a good friend? The friend who is there for you when the shit has really hit the fan? Supports you in a practical way, without judgement, giving you the space to work out how to get out of the shit. Yes, I have been there, and was surprised at who my real friends were.

So look at your everyday achievements and celebrate doing the mundane. Know that you matter, and you are good enough just as you are. Look for meaning in your relationships, in the things you love to do, in just being you.

How free do you feel, if you let go of all that fake expectation society teaches us?

So our emotional needs must be listened to and given attention, in a balanced way.


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