Do you want to know ways of stopping feeling highly anxious in certain situations?

Do you sometimes feel highly anxious over certain situations? Here are some ways that you can overcome it:

Three things you need to know about the mind, So you can change your thoughts and feelings.

  1. Your mind does what it thinks you want it to do, and what it absolutely believes is in your very best interest. The mind is there to avoid pain that it sees as a threat to life, so if you want to do something like speak in public, and feel highly anxious, you need to tell yourself repeatedly that you love this, you want this, and you are choosing it.

  1. Your mind only responds to 2 things – the pictures you make in your head, and the words you say to yourself.

So you need to tell yourself better things, positive things.

Praise yourself, be your very best loyal friend.

Be very specific with your goals and intentions. Words are incredibly powerful, so pick really good ones.

  1. The mind loves what is familiar. Familiarity is safety. So when we want to make change and make the unfamiliar familiar, there is always emotional discomfort. But repeatedly doing the new thing, and telling yourself you want this will ease it quickly and the mind will quickly learn that the new way is safe.

Because of this, you can see how you have been giving yourself the wrong suggestions, that have been affecting your issue. Just by changing what you say to yourself, and the images you create in your mind, you can change that.

If you are suffering from a particular anxiety, you can teach your mind to change this. For example, if you are anxious about flying, you tell yourself all the positive things about where you want to go, about the freedom it gives you, how you can relax when on a plane as you don't have to do anything of the usual routines and demands on your time if you were at home. Think of being able to have a nap, watch a movie, read, or listen to music. Meeting interesting people on the journey, maybe making new friends. As you focus your attention on these positive ideas and feelings, you forget the negative false beliefs and fears that you had been bothering yourself with. And the more you practice, the easier it becomes.

These strategies are great, but if you are having real panic situations, you could need some help - we cannot do everything alone. In fact we shouldn't be trying to do everything ourselves as we all have different skills and talents. My skill does not include writing amazing emails, so I ask someone to help and overlook what I write (not my personal and confidential ones of course!) , I struggle with speaking publicly so I hire a coach! I ask for help with accounts so I don't need to worry. This is something I took a long time to learn...

With the method I use, we get to the subconscious root cause of the issue and separate you from it so that it cannot affect you any more, ever. I have studied and got really good at what I do, so you don't have to do it alone!

I have helped lots of people just like you overcome fears, phobias and anxieties quickly and permanently, freeing them to really start enjoying life to the full. If you would like this for yourself, book in for a call with me so you can discover how I can help you. The link to book a free consultation is HERE!

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