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The new year always brings us into questioning how we are doing and what would we like to change. I know no one who is perfectly happy with who they are, but this is not a bad thing…. There is so much pressure to think there is something wrong or negative about us that we see we need to change. Life is about growth and learning. If it was about being the same, being perfect, (if we were) what would be the point?

Thanks to a wonderful lady I met last May when I went to Corvallis, I have learnt to question my feelings when the words ‘should’, ‘ought’ or ‘must’ pop into my head. I question the validity of those words in the situation... I am learning to let go of false beliefs about how life works. And my days are full of much more ease and pleasure - I used to wake up with terrible anxiety with lists running in my head of all the things I should do, all the things I ought to be doing and feeling overwhelmed. This overwhelm feeling actually froze me into inaction many times, where I just seemed to be rushing around, getting angry at everything and not really getting any more done, sometimes much less! Jeanette Hargreaves is an amazing lady and I am inviting her to come on my Friday Live at 2 show on my facebook business page ‘Resolve - Transforming you for life.’ I will be keeping people posted on Facebook so if you haven't already, come on over!

She coaches moms who lose their temper. She used to be that mum, but eventually questioned why and was it really normal? After having the help she needed, she discovered that you really don’t need to lose your temper, and that by changing yourself before trying to change and control everything around you is fundamental. I’m not saying I am perfect - I still get cross with the kids at bedtime, when I am feeling tired and want to get to bed myself. But I am more aware and have learnt to change my way of approaching it before it happens, generally.

Last year I invested in myself heavily with coaching courses and programs to help me on this self employed journey. I was encouraged to ‘niche’ into one particular area and type of client that I help so people could understand what it is that I do. I found this hard but niched into helping people who drink too much. However, since I did this I still found myself still working with a wide variety of issues… So of course I have started questioning myself again - who do I help, and what are the results they want and what results do they get. You may notice some changes or ‘tweaks’ to the website, and especially to my Facebook business page.

One thing it did bring up for me to question was who are the people who want my services? They vary in age and background. They aren’t all women. They all have hope that they can change, and belief that people do change. They all have a childhood issue or trauma, though some of them are much less aware of it. Many of them have problems with confidence. They all suffer with anxiety to some degree. All the other issues, such as drinking, overeating, panic attacks, poor relationships are all symptoms of the deeper issue that they don’t feel loveable, they don’t feel worthy or deserving, they are different, or just not good enough. This is the level that I work on. These are the feelings and beliefs that I change for people, on the subconscious level. This has long lasting effects on them, and their whole life can change - not just the area that they are concerned with. Once they feel better about themselves on a deep level, the other issues just fade off easily. And it is truly transforming for life! So I am keeping that tagline...

If you are interested in finding out more, please get in touch. I love to answer your questions, and help people find more joy in their life.

You can contact me at or on facebook www.facebook/RTTwithBecky (which comes up as Resolve - Transforming you for life) or you can get real, and call me on (+44)01747811682) within normal office hours if possible.

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