Got the Mid-January Blues?

It is dark, cold, and damp. The social media has been buzzing with new year new you messages, how to set your goals, how to up your business, how to lose weight, be a vegan, improve your fitness, BE A BETTER PERSON. So much pressure. And then we listen to the news, and the world sounds like it is falling apart. What the heck! Didn’t we do all that last year?

So I’d like to take a leaf out of Morrissey’s book, so to speak, with his song “Spent the day In Bed” which you can watch here:

And I see my cats stretched out or curled up around the house, and wish that I was a cat.

However, I’m not a cat, even in my fluffy onesie, and I know I can choose how I feel about the grey cold weather outside, and I can choose how I react to the perceived pressure to be a better me. I choose to feel gratitude that I can take this time to feel grateful that I have heating, enough warm cosy clothing, and warm cats to cuddle when the children are in school. I can choose to continue to grow and evolve this year in whatever way I choose, and reflect how far I have already come. I can switch of Facebook, and read real books. I can even take time to enjoy painting again.

But for some, changing an outlook is hard. It feels impossible, and not available. The habits of looping thoughts seem stuck and just keep persisting no matter how much will power is used. And you can feel very alone and stuck. If you do feel like that, talk to someone. Sometimes just having your feelings acknowledged actually helps. If you would like to change and feel ready then book yourself in for a chat with me. I am here to support you. The link for a no obligation chat is here:

In the meantime, listen to the things you say to yourself, and write them down. Turn them around and start changing the things you say to yourself. You may surprise yourself!

This week on Facebook I am having a conversation with Jeanette Hargreaves, on my mini show Friday Live at 2, which can be found at: at 2 pm GMT.

I am very excited to chat with her - I met her when I went to Corvallis, Oregon, for a business coaching event. I had a big break through about myself after one very short conversation with her. She is a temper coach, helping mums manage their feelings and actions. This is the first time I have invited someone on, so please if you have time, please hop on and watch. I will as usual keep it all brief and short so you can spend more time being a cat if you wish….

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