April '17

Lisa,  in Gillingham:

"Oh I know its late but I have something really exciting to tell you ... Regardless of what happened last weekend...something has clicked in side of me ,im now sleeping in bed ..alone ,and I have stopped biting my nails ,I have bite my nails for as long as I can remember even from a child ...anyways hope you are well x"

This was sent to me via messenger 3 weeks after treatment for anxiety and panic attacks, and not being able to sleep in her own bed.  She went on to write:

"I know I done all the right things with the break in ,police and got the housing association out to make sure my house was secure etc...   ...i really can't thank you enough .. Obviously I've had a couple of down days ,but I haven't wallowed in self pity - I have thought of things and acted upon to change that ...thankyou so much you have truly helped Me x"

May '17

Rachel, in Shaftesbury:


"I had an appointment with becky a couple of weeks ago for anxiety issues. Since having the appointment not only have I noticed changes my partner has too. Becky is lovely, professional, and makes you feel at ease. I was unsure to begin with how it would work as I only needed one appointment. But it really is like a switch..listening to recording daily reinforces the positive thoughts and beliefs I now feel in life and about myself. For many years I've carried issues, feelings I've kept buried that has had a big impact on my life. Suddenly now I feel free of them and finally enjoy my life and be me..someone happy inside as well as outside.  It's worth every penny for the changes it makes in your life... and the results last!"

May '17

Bethan, from Charmouth said:

Becky helped me to work through an issue that was having a big impact on my life. She listened with compassion, and took me into a deep trance. With her gentle and skilled guidance we were able to find the cause of my problem. Becky put together a thoughtful and powerful hypnotic recording, and now I feel free. I felt safe and supported throughout our entire session and the results are amazing. If you have the opportunity to work with Becky take it! and  Beth x   

This was a few weeks after we did an online session, which initially had technical difficulties that we resolved successfully. 

June, '17

Suzanne, from Surrey said this on my facebook messenger, after I sent her the Healing Vortex Audio.  She had recently fallen and hurt herself badly:  

FRI 14:15

I listened to the recording when I went to bed and I had the first uninterrupted nights sleep since I fell down the stairs. Also I'm in far less pain today I would say it feels 70% better today even though the doctor said I would be in considerable pain for for at least another week. So I can't thank you enough for your thoughtful gift. I loved the music in the background. I'm sure you know it's about being an exceptionally gifted therapist and healer and that's what I believe you are. 

March 2018

Christine Horner wrote:

I came to Rebecca because I wanted to increase my confidence, reduce my anxiety and feel 'safer' in my life. Rebecca skilfully asked questions to clarify what I wanted to get out of the session. When I was hypnotised she got me to go back to scenes to do with the issue, and it was all very enlightening.


It was a very relaxing and enjoyable experience, and although there were times when I got emotional too, it felt productive. After the session I had a recording to listen to. I looked forward to having that bit of time to myself to just relax and listen every day.

Rebecca really seemed to understand my issue. We also have a few things in common so I felt we were a good fit. I found it easy to trust her and relax into the session.

Since the session I have noticed that I do not question myself as much when I go out. I just get on with it. It as if I 'forget' to think about it.


Thank you Rebecca for helping me forget about my anxiety!


Christine Horner

Diana Parkes wrote on Facebook, 

June 2019  Duncan gave up smoking!

His first email just days after our session was full of heart felt thanks:

"Thank you so much for the session.  I don’t want to be complacent and tempt fate, but I feel good you really work some wonders. 


I’m not naive enough to think there won’t be tough moments but for me even 1 day smoke free so far is a pretty big deal! 


To be completely honest, when I came in and the session was beginning sat on the sofa so informally I was initially sceptical.  But you quickly approached things so differently I was fully absorbed and onboard. 


I am impressed at your efficacy, and trust me I am not impressed easily, so thank you very much for your brilliant work. 


I will happily be advocating you to friends and family."      Two weeks later he is till not smoking, and I am giving support to help him manage the stress he is putting on himself at work.

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